Reasons for detangled matted hair

Most of the girls or womens wish to be with loose hair or free hair while going to the parties, get together or any special occasions to show them beautiful.

In that short time, it would give you immense pleasure once all got over and when you try to comb your hair, then the hair will be tangled while you combing it starts to give more pain. No matters whether it is curly, ethnic, thin or dry hair types all will often gets matted that too if you are out in open space or in beach then your hair get dryness which results in severe detangle matted hair.

Most of the people get confused and decides to cut short their hair when their hair gets tangled or matted.

untangle hair

Easy ways to untangle the matted hair without any pain

Instead of shortening your hair, now you can untangle your matted or tangled hair easily without pain and here different ways to tangle your hair are listed below:

  • Use wide toothed comb and gently comb your hair from center of head to the end of hair make use of your fingers to separate each hair strand continue this till you cover entire scalp. By doing this continuously all tangles will be removed.
  • Mat and knots arise due to dryness and frizz so if you do oil massage it smoother the hair and allows you to detangle matted hair quickly without pain.
  • You can apply anti-frizz or detangling shampoos from scalp to ends of the hair and wash the hair by keeping straight as possible, slowly massage the scalp this will help you to remove tangled, matted and weak damaged hairs.
  • Mostly black or ethnic hair has more chances to get tangled to avoid that you can use conditioner it helps to detangle your hair and make hair too soft. It is easier way to untangle hair faster than all other method but you should be careful in choosing a good conditioner.
  • Make a habit of wrapping your hair with silk scarf or sleep in silk pillow cases every night because cotton or other materials will make your hair dry and fizz which tends to make your hair matted and tangled.
  • You can try straightening hair with thermal pressure which makes your hair smoother and manageable but you should do this with a professional or it may lead your hair to damage.

detangle matted hair

Other ways to avoid tangling and mat:

All above said methods will be useful for you to learn easy way to detangle matted hair there are several others ways to protect your hair from tangling and mat. There are several detangled products such as detangle spray, detangle shampoo, detangle comb and detangle oil available to detangle your hair overnight so here after there is no need to shorten your hair due to tangle or mat.

You can also use moisturizer to your hair before going to bed. Only thing important throughout the process is you have to maintain your patience until you remove tangle hair completely.

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